The latest merit list of SNCU Achampet was prepared for the following posts at CHC Achampet. The candidates are instructed to verify your personal details and submit your queries if any on or before 4th May 2017 at SDHH NGKL ( 8008553820).Posts

Recruitment for Project Director-National Child Labour Project (NCLP)

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Sub:-  TVVP – NRHM – SNCU – Superintendent, District Head Quarters Hospital, Nagarkurnool – Filling up of Certain Staff to work in SNCU Purely on Contract and Temporary basis for one year with monthly Honorarium – Orders – Issued.


1. G.O.Ms.No.49/ HM&FW(J2) Dept., Dated:25.02.2012.

2. Rc.No.32/A/JDCHI/2012, Dated:23.04.2012 of the Commissioner, H&FW, Hyderabad.

3. Rc.No.32/A/JDCHI/2012, Dated:28.03.2012 of the Commissioner, H& FW, Hyderabad.

4. Rc.No.Spl/SCNUS & NBCCS/2011, Dated:07.04.2012 of the Commissioner, APVVP., Hyderabad.

5.Rc.No.204/NRC/JD ( ch&i)/11, Dated:21.05.2012 of the Commissioner, H&FW, Hyderabad.

6.E-Mail message of Guidelines Dated:27.06.2012 of the Joint Director (CH&I) Commissionerate of H & FW, Hyderabd.

7. The Commissioner, Health & Family Welfare, A.P.,Hyderabad Lr.Rc.No.204/NRC/JD(CH&I)/2011, Dated:04.08.2011.

8. Note approval of District Collector and Chairman, District Selection Committee, Nagarkurnool on 21.04.2017.

9. Rc.No.32/JD(CH&I)/2013, Dated:11.09.2013 of the Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad.

10. Rc.NO.32/JD(CH&I)/2013, Dated:03.11.2014 of the Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare, TS, Hyderabad.

11.Proc.Rc.No.305/SPMU-NHM/TS/2016, Dated:03.12.2016 of the Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare, TS, Hyderabad.


With reference to the references 1st to 11th read above, the Government have established Special New Born Care Unit (SNCU) to strengthening the child health services to reduce infant mortality ratio.

The following Candidates shown below are appointed on temporary Contractual basis for a period of one year Basis under Special New Born Care Unit ( SNCU) Scheme and posted to CHC, Achampet with monthly Honorarium.

SNO NAME OF THE CANDIDATE DESG Date of Birth Caste Roster Point Period
1 A Srinivas Male Nurse 25.06.1976 SC OPEN 12 Months
2 T Deepthi Staff Nurse 10.06.1987 BC-C OPEN 12 Months
3 G Santhoshamma Staff Nurse 10.02.1985 SC OPEN 12 Months
4 G Bharathi Staff Nurse 10.06.1982 BC-a OPEN 12 Months
5 K Swapna Staff Nurse 15.08.1990 SC OPEN 12 Months
6 D Nirmala Staff Nurse 20.05.1989 SC OPEN 12 Months
7 M Sangeetha Staff Nurse 16.08.1989 SC SC 12 Months
8 D Ramadevi Staff Nurse 18.11.1982 SC OC(W) 12 Months
9 A Sangeetha Staff Nurse 08.06.1983 BC-d OC(W) 12 Months
10 C Manemma Staff Nurse 17.05.1981 BC-c BC-C(w) 12 Months
11 K Jyothi Staff Nurse 10.10.1990 SC SC(W) 12 Months
12 Jayasuda Staff Nurse 14.02.1976 BC-a BC-A(w) 12 Months
13 K Neelavathi Staff Nurse 02.07.1990 ST ST(W) 12 Months
14 P Swaroopa Staff Nurse 02.08.1989 BC-b BC-B(w) 12 Months
1 V Naagarani Lab Tech., 05.03.1987 BC-b OC(w) 12 Months
1 N Shivaleela Supporting 07.04.1992 ST OPEN 12 Months
2 K Laxmikanthamma Supporting 15.03.1977 SC OPEN 12 Months
3 A Vijaya Supporting 10.07.1987 SC OC(W) 12 Months
4 D Swathi Supporting 14.07.1994 SC SC(w) 12 Months
1 V Ramesh Sec Guard 12.06.1988 SC OPEN 12 Months
2 R Niranjan Sec Guard 15.05.1977 SC OPEN 12 Months
3 V Sukyanaiak Sec Guard 26.07.1979 ST OPEN 12 Months

This appointment is for a period of one year, It will be renewable subject to the Government Orders issued from time to time.

The Individual is directed to report before the Medical Officer, CHC, Achampet immediately.

The Medical Officer, CHC, Achampet shall intimate the joining of the individual to this Institution

The above appointment is subject to the following conditions:

The Selected Candidates shall execute agreement bond on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.110/- and submit the same to the Medical Officer, CHC, Achampet at the time of reporting.

She / He will have to keep bonafied residence at the station to which She / He is posted.

The Selected Candidates should submit the original certificates of General Education and required technical qualification under the custody of the Medical Officer, CHC, Achampet.

This temporary appointment on Contract Basis doesn’t confer any right for his / her appointment on regular basis.

He / She has to discharge his / her duties under the control of the Medical Officer to which he / she is posted to the entire satisfaction of his / her superiors and in case of default he / she will be liable for termination without any notice.

The Candidates are not eligible any kind of leave, except casual leaves as per rule.



The Individual

Copy to the Medical Officer, CHC, Achampet.

Copy to the District Medical and Health Officer, Nagarkurnool.

Copy Submitted to the Commissioner, Family Welfare, TS .,Hyderabad.

Copy Submitted to the Collector and Dist Magistrate, Nagarkurnool for kind information.

Copy Submitted to the District Employment Officer, Nagarkurnool.

Copy to File.