Brief Particulars and functioning of Labour Department in Nagarkurnool District
The Labour Department in Nagarkurnool District is having the following officers for Administration, and
implementation of Labour Laws

  •  Asst. Labour Officer, Nagarkurnool
  •  Asst. Labour Officer, Achampet (FAC)
  • Asst. Labour Officer, Kalwakurthy

(Note: – The conciliation powers are with Asst Commissioner of Labour, Gadwal and Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Mahbubnagar.)
The functions of the Asst. Commissioner of Labour, Gadwal and Deputy Commissioner of Labour,
Mahbubnagar is that they have quasi-judicial powers and will look after the industrial peace and
tranquility in the erstwhile Mahbubnagar district. They will have overall supervisory powers upon Asst.
Labour Officers and sub-ordinate officers for implementation and enforcement of Labour Laws.
The Asst. Labour Officers in Nagarkurnool District are involved in the implementation and enforcement
of the Labour Laws. They are the field level functionaries who are the Registering officers under

  • Shops and Establishments Act,
  •  Motor Transport Workers Act,
  •  Beedi and Cigar workers Act,
  •  Contract Labour Act,
  •  Telangana Building and Other Construction Workers Act.
    The Department is implementing the Labour Welfare Schemes for the welfare of the working class in
    Nagarkurnool District.

The following welfare Boards are functioning in Nagarkurnool District: –

  1.  Telangana Building and Other Constructions Workers Welfare Board, Hyderabad.
  2.  Telangana Labour Welfare Board, Hyderabad.

i)Development Activities and Welfare Schemes under the Building and Other Construction Workers
The Telangana Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board is implementing the Natural
Death, Marriage Gift, Maternity Benefit and Accidental Benefit Schemes to the registered workmen.
An amount of Rs. 22,50,000/- is sanctioned for Natural Death, Rs.11,40,000/- is sanctioned under
Marriage Gift, Rs.38,70,000/- was sanctioned under Maternity Benefit and under Accidental Benefit
Rs.24,00,000/- was sanctioned.



Name of the
Scheme Benefits No. of workers
Amount disbursed

Natural Death


23 22,50,000-00
2 Maternity


129  38,70,000-00
3 Accidental Death  6,00,000/-

4 Disability Cases  Upto 4,00,000/-

– – – –
5  Funeral Expenses  30,000/-

48  8,10,000-00

6 Un-Registered


– – – –
7 Marriage Gift


38  11,40,000-00
8  Hospitalization  Max 4,500 per
– – – –
  Total:    242  1,04,70,000-00

The district administration has extended financial help of Rs 1,04,70,000-00 ( Rupees One Crore
four lakhs seventy thousand only ) to 449 workers were for the year 2020-21 till date.
 ii)Telangana Labour Welfare Board: –
Established under A.P. Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1987. The Board formulates welfare schemes and are
implemented by the Labour department.
Workers in Factories, Shops and Establishments, Motor Transport Undertakings, Societies and
Trusts are covered.
The main source of fund is contribution Rs.7/- per worker per year, unclaimed wages, other sources of
income like building rent and grants made by the Government.
The Asst. Commissioners of Labour receive applications and settle claims under the/schemes.

Sl. No  Name of the Scheme

Scheme Benefits No. of

Disbursed in the
year 2020-21

Antya Kriyalaku Aardhika



Sahaja Marana Aardhika Sahaayamu  10,000/-  0


Pramaada Marana Aardhika



Vidya Prothsaahakam  1,000/- to 2,000/ 0 Nil
Marriage Gift Scheme  10,000/-  0 Nil

Maternity Benefit Scheme 5,000/- 0 Nil

iii) Child and Adolescent Labour (P & R) Act, 1986:
The Police department and Labour Department and other line departments have identified Child and
Adolescent Labour and booked FIR against the offenders during the Special Drive in Operation Smile and
Operation Muskaan in Nagarkurnool District.
iv)Inter State Migrant Workmen (RE&CS) Act, 1979:
As per the directions of the Hon’ble High Court for Telangana State, Hyderabad Welfare measures like
toilets, power supply, providing of drinking water, payment of wages through banks is being provided to
ISMW workers.
During the COVID-19 lockdown the District Administration has extended financial assistance of Rs 500/-
and 12kg of rice to each migrant labour. A total of 4572 migrant workers of various states were

Key Contacts
1. Asst. Labour Officer, Nagarkurnool – Cell No.9492555317
2. Asst. Labour Officer, Achampet (FAC) – Cell No. 9492555317
3. Asst. Labour Officer, Kalwakurthy – Cell No. 9492555324
The quasi-judicial powers and conciliation powers are not vested with Asst. Labour Officer in
Nagarkurnool District and they are entrusted with the following officers
1. Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Mahbubnagar – Cell No. 9492555314
2. Asst. Commissioner of Labour, Gadwal – Cell No. 9492555319