The main objective of the Marketing Department is to regulate the sale and purchase of Agricultural Produce and to establish common places where the buyers and sellers can directly meet and transact business. The Department protects the producer-sellers from the exploitation of middlemen, through the regulatory machinery by arranging common platforms with facilities for storage and correct weight. The Department also ensures prompt payment of the value of the product to the sellers curbing unauthorized deductions and illegal collection by the traders.

The District Marketing Office, Nagarkurnool is the Government Representative in the District and review the Marketing Activities in the District.

Objectives of the Market Act.

  1. Declaration of the notified area, notified market areas or market areas to
    regulate the trade and to ensure fair transactions in agricultural and allied commodities.
  2.  Regulation of trade only in the market yards.
  3.  Constitution of Market Committee fully represented by the growers,traders, local authorities and government representatives to supervise the working of regulated Markets.
  4.  Rationalization of market charges and prohibition of collection of excess charges.
  5.  Regulation of Market practices.
  6. Licensing of market functionaries.
  7.  Arrangements of conciliation of a dispute regarding Quality, Weighing, deductions etc.,
  8.  Arrangements for sale by Tender/Open Auction.
  9.  Direct Sales are encouraged through commission agency system is prevailed.
  10.  Arrangements for dissemination and display of market information.
  11.  Violation of the provisions of the Act is punishable by the imprisonment and fine.