District History – Samsthans:

The origin of the Rajas of Hindu Samsthans in the Nizam’s Dominion goes back to the time of the ancient Hindu Kingdom of Warangal. They were mostly Zamindars and military chiefs who established their authority over the surrounding territories. They were known as Paligars and their territories, Palayams. There were about sixteen Samsthans, which survived till Independence. Some of the important Samsthans in this region were Wanaparthi, Gadwal, Jetprole, Amarchinta, Palvancha, Gopalpet, Gurugunta, Kollapur and Anagundi. The Rajas of the Samsthans were progressive and managed the administration well.

  •  The Samsthan of Jetprol:

It was one of the most ancient and historic Samsthans in the dominion. It is said that Pillalamarri Bethala Reddy was the founder of not only the Jetprole family but also the families of the rajas of Bobbili in Ganjam District, Pittapore (now Pittapuram in Godavari District, Malleswaram in Krishna District and Venkatagiri in Nellore District. The young Raja was given the ruling power by the Nizam when he ascended the ‘Gaddi’ he dropped his name of Navanita Krishna Yachandra and adopted that of Raja Venkat Laxman Rao Bahadur. The Raja died in 1929 leaving two daughters and his Rani.

  • Kollapur Samsthan:

Kollapur Samsthan with a large area spanning most of the Nallamala Forest Area on the banks of river Krishna. There are traces of architectural tressures from 2nd century B.C. in this Samsthan. Still one can see hundreds of ancient temples, which were built before 1500 years ago. Kollapur Samsthan played a considerable role in Nizam’s era.