e-Panchayat Applications in Nagarkurnool District
Online Applications:

 There are (2) kinds of online applications related to Gram Panchayat Administration as detailed below:

  1. Local Government Directory (LGD) 
  2.  Area Profiler
  3.  PRIA Soft
  4.  Plan Plus
  5.  Action Soft
  6. National Asset Directory & National Panchayat Portal
  7.  Training Management Online


  1.  Building Permissions:
  2.  Layouts
  3.  Mutation
  4.  Trade License (New, Renewal)
  5. House Tax Assessments
  6.  Palle Pragathi
  7.  Monthly Activity Statement ( MAS)
  8. HRMS

Local Government directory:
Captures all details of local governments and assigns unique code. Also maps Panchayats with Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies.

Area Profiler:
Captures geographic, demographic, infrastructural, socio-economic and natural resources profile of a village/panchayat. Universal database for planning of all sectoral programmes and also provides details of Elected Representatives, etc
PRIA Soft:Captures receipt & expenditure details through voucher entries and automatically generates cash book, registers, etc. In this application online entry 100% completed.

Plan Plus:
Helps Panchayats, Urban Local Bodies and line departments in preparing Perspective, Annual and Action Plans. . In this application online entry 100% completed.Dynamic Web site for each Panchayat to share information in public domain. Here Gramasabhas conducted photos and minutes has been uploaded.

National Asset Directory:
Captures details of assets created/maintained; helps avoid duplication of works.
Action Soft:Facilitates monitoring of physical & financial outcomes/outputs under various programmes. And here in M- actions soft mobile app photo capturing has been done Physical works under 14th Finance works .

Portal to address training needs of stakeholders including citizens, their feedback, training materials etc.

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