Services at DTO

All 59 Servlces of the Transport Department to Citizens are made online’from 02-08-2016 Ilke Issue of DrlvLig Licenses, negistration, Fimess Permits and Tazatlon.

The office code 1s assigned as TS031 for all types of Transactions District Transport Offlce, Nagarkurnool Cadre Strength:

1.Dlstrlct Transport Officer

2.Motor Vehicles Inspectors Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspector Admlnlstratlve Officer

3.Senlor Assistants Junior Assistants Typlst

4.Record Assistant

5.Head Transport Constable Transport Constable Office Subordinate

6.Technical Support Engineers

7.Home Guard

Function of the District Ti-ansport Office 

Regular Services

  1. Registration or New Vehicles
  2. Issue of Driving Licenses
  3. Issue of Fitness
  4. Issue of Road Permits


  1. Checking of Vehicles for Non-Payment of Road Tax and Other Violations
  2. Checking of Vehicles for Violation of MV Act and Rules TMV Rules 1989, TMVT Act and Rules 1963.

Outdoor Duties

  1. Inspection of Accident Vehicles
  2. Fixation of Upset value and Condition of Vehicles of Government
  3. Departments Conducting Road Safety Awareness Programmes as per guidelines issued by Government from time to time

MVI Role

  1. Vehicle Fitness Inspection (FC)
  2. Learning Licence (LL)
  3. Driving License Testing center (DL)
  4. Vehicle Registration (All vehicle )
  5. Road safety Programme Awarenes
  6. Revenue Collection & Enforcement

MV Act(PDF 1370 KB)